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Here at the GPS Guide, we will help you make sense of the vast GPS options available to you. In the last few years, the prices of laptops, PDAs, and electronic components have dropped steadily, while their performance has continued to increase. This has been great for the peripheral market - especially in the areas of laptop GPS receivers, PDA GPS systems, handheld GPS units, and GPS software.

Laptop GPS Receivers

Picture of Laptop GPS Receivers

Because laptop prices have continued to drop, they have become much easier to afford, and with improvements in technology, we are seeing them increase in power, and decrease in size and weight. This is great for peripherals like laptop GPS receivers and GPS software. If you own a laptop, it is quite possible to connect it to a laptop GPS receiver and use it for real-time navigation. To learn more about GPS receivers for your laptop, visit the GPS Guide pages at laptop GPS receivers.

Picture of PDA GPS

PDA GPS Systems

As with laptops, PDAs have also continued to drop in price while gaining performance and capabilities. This has made PDA GPS systems faster, more capable, and less expensive. To find out more about GPS systems for your PDA, see the GPS Guide pages about PDA GPS systems.

Handheld GPS Units

Picture of Handheld GPS Receiver

New models of handheld GPS units have also continued to increase. These are useful for those who do not have a laptop or PDA, or perhaps need another portable GPS unit to supplement their primary laptop gps or PDA gps system. For guidance on handheld GPS units, see the GPS Guide pages about handheld GPS systems.

Picture of Aviation GPS

Aviation GPS

Are you a pilot? Get the scoop on the options available for an aircraft GPS. There are portable options and panel mount GPS options. Deciding which one depends largely on what you fly, how often you fly, and of course your budget. For guidance on aircraft GPS solutions, see the GPS Guide pages at Aviation GPS.

Picture of GPS Software

GPS Software

Most of the software for GPS will either come with the GPS receiver or it will be self-contained within the handheld GPS unit itself. When dealing with laptop GPS receivers or PDA GPS solutions, you have the option of using third-party GPS software or even free GPS software that is more tailored to what you need. For guidance on commercial GPS software and free GPS software, see the GPS Guide pages at GPS Software.

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